Amazon Advertising Agencies: What We Expect After the Merge

History of Amazon Advertising 

Amazon has always been a place for businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive. While we have all been focused on our own businesses, Amazon has quickly built a portfolio of advertising products and tools. This allowed advertisers and entrepreneurs to meet their needs while helping the customers easily discover new brands and products.

Amazon's advertising arm of their business has very humble beginnings where they introduced simple concepts, such as cost-per-click ads for Seller Central and display ads for Vendor Central. Since then, they have worked hard to build products and tool, and today, work with a large range of advertisers. Amazon has put a lot of emphases to scale their products and services for professional advertisers and agencies.

Merging of the different Amazon Advertising Services and Tools

Now is the next big step as Amazon reintroduces their advertising arm of their business. They are merging together Amazon Media Group (AMG), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) under one name. The new name is Amazon Advertising. You’ll see this change on their website soon with more simplified product names that reflect this new direction Amazon is going with their advertising business.

Some other minor changes are on the horizon as well. An example is a few weeks ago, they changed the name of headline search ads to Sponsored brands. Another would be Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) changing its name to the advertising console. Other small changes like this are planned for the near future.

Will Amazon Advertising change your strategies? 

Though the names of the programs and tools have changed. The basic fundamentals behind them have not.

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