Amazon Expands Black Friday Into a Month of Deals 35 Days of Deals 

Instead of bringing just one day of deals to their customers, Amazon is having “35 Days of Deals”. The sale which began this week will offer a new deal every 5 minutes until December 22nd. The best sales will be during the “Turkey Five”, the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

Business Wire claims that the best deal during this period will be on toys, electronics and fashion items. Amazon isn't the only retailer spreading out the usual 1 day sale. Other large retailers like Walmart, Target and Macy’s have been and are offering discounted Black Friday prices before Thanksgiving and into the holiday season.

Holiday Shoppers Shop Earlier 

The reason for this trend isn't completely clear. Consumer Shopping reports from 2015 show that over half of holiday shoppers start purchasing gifts by Halloween. This isn't startling news, this data has been consistent the past 14 years with more and more shoppers spreading out their Holiday shopping. The reason for gradual change of habits is likely a combination of a couple of things.

The first reason may be because it's a little easier on shoppers budgets. Instead of purchasing all the holiday’s gifts at once purchasing over an extended period of time makes that Christmas bonus go a little further. Another reason for spreading out the spending could be to avoid the Holiday rush. With a many shoppers taking their money to online marketplaces it becomes less appealing to brave the mobs at the local mall for a few deals. A final reason for the early shopping might just be to get it out of the way, with all gifts purchased before the holiday season starts consumers stress less about getting the perfect gift and instead focus on spending time with family and loved ones.

Retailers Are Optimistic 

This spreading trend hasn’t decreased Black Friday purchases though. While Black Friday spending took a dip to $50.9 billion in 2014, in 2015 it bounced backed to the highest amount in recent years at $67.6 billion. This year that number is expected to grow and Black Friday sales are expected to be an all time high since the 2008 depression.



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