Amazon Managerial Reporting Goat Consulting White Paper

Amazon Managerial Reporting - New Amazon Goat Consulting White Paper

The White Paper series by Goat Consulting takes an in depth look of particular topics. We have covered Strategy and Marketing, and are proud to release our new White Paper: Amazon Managerial Reporting.

Amazon Managerial Reporting

This white paper is an introduction to managerial reporting on the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon provides a suite of data and reporting that can be used to provide sellers with greater insight on the performance of their account which allows sellers to make better business decisions. This white paper explores reporting related to Seller Central and Vendor Central covering sales, inventory, and advertising.

We hope that by the end of reading this you have a better understanding of:

  • Why analyzing seller data is important

  • The data points available on Seller and Vendor Central

  • How sellers and vendors can use the data to draw insights and action items in order to increase sales, improve advertising efficiency, and improve operational performance

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