Set to Become America’s Leading Clothing Retailer in 2017 Set To Become America's Top Clothing Retailer 

The results of a new report done by Cowen and Co. indicate that will surpass Macy's as the country’s top clothing retailer in 2017.

A Major Milestone For and eCommerce

This marks a major milestone for and eCommerce. Brick and mortar based stores like Macy's, Nordstrom and JCPenny have dominated the industry up to this point. This change in the hierarchy of clothing retail has been long in the making. Over the past couple years, has poured millions of dollars investing in its hold of the fashion industry. It has launched it's own private label clothing brands and even sponsored New York Men's Fashion Week.

The Numbers

According to the report,'s sales are expected to grow around 30% in the next year to $28 Billion while Macy's sales are expected to drop 4% to $22 Billion over the next year. With sales growth comes market share growth. currently holds 6.6% of the market which is expected to increase to 8.2% by next year. Look forward 5 years and that 8.2% is expected to increase to 16.2%. In 2021 Cowen and Co. states that will do $62 billion in annual apparel sales alone.

The Problem of Buy Before You Try

But doesn't have an outright advantage on brick and mortar and private channel luxury brands. Customers who buy apparel on obviously cannot try on clothing before they buy it. However, the convenience of Prime's two-day shipping and's simple return policies often outweigh the inconvenience of "buy before you try" since returns are as easy as mailing your purchase back. It will be interesting to see how handles an influx of returned items as their apparel sales increase.

Luxury On

Another issue is that's site isn't as highly curated as many luxury eCommerce sites and their products aren't as well merchandised. This is an issue that can potentially solve with custom design, pages, and interface for their luxury brand apparel. But these aesthetic issues will not prevent's customers from buying these items on their marketplace.'s success is based on its shopping experience convenience and great customer service reputation which stems from the fact that always puts its customers first.

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