Amazon Brings Black Friday Worldwide

Black Friday &

Thanksgiving is an American holiday and typically the shopping frenzy that follows the holiday Black Friday has only been observed in the United States. But thanks to Amazon the U.K. and Europe are starting enjoy the American tradition of Black Friday.

Black Friday Comes To The UK started marketing Black Friday aggressively in the U.K. in 2010. As online shopping habits picked up, brick and mortar retail stores felt obliged to counter with Black Friday deals of their own. On Black Friday this year the Brits will enjoy great deals not only on but at a majority of retail stores. Amazon has its sights set on another one of its European markets this for this year, France.

Will France Says Oui To & Black Friday 

Yesterday the head of Amazon’s French unit announced price cuts to 10,000 of their currently offered products in the biggest marketing operation ever launched by French grocery company has Carrefour has announced price cuts of it’s own in reply to Amazon’s sale.

Holiday Deals For All 

Since thanksgiving isn't a observed holiday in Europe a majority of Black Friday shoppers in the U.K. and France will be make their purchases from their computers at work. As Amazon’s foreign markets continue to develop, the shopping frenzy of Black Friday may spread to become a worldwide phenomenon.

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