Amazon Catalog Audit

Are you selling on Amazon, but not are unsure if you are executing to best practices? Let us audit your catalog!

What is the Amazon Catalog Audit process?

  1. You provide us with a list of child ASINs you would like us to audit through the form below
  2. We use our proprietary software to pull publicly displayed information about your product listings
  3. Our in-house team of Amazon Experts reviews the catalog and identifies areas of opportunity
  4. We contact you with a plan of action that can increase impressions, improve conversion, and drive more sales to your listings

What information do we gather for you?

There is a ton of data that is publicly available for each product listing. Here is a list of the current fields we can pull:

  • Child ASIN
  • Parent ASIN
  • Product URL
  • Title
  • List Price
  • Currency
  • Product Feature (Bullet Points)
  • Number of Product Features (Bullet Points)
  • Product Description
  • Main Image URL
  • Number of Images
  • Product Group
  • Product Type
  • Sales Rank
  • Review Number
  • Review Rating
  • UPC

How do you pull this information?

We built proprietary software that works with Amazon's APIs (application programming interface). We provide the software with the list of child ASINs we want to analyze, and the software pushes back the data that is relevant for an Amazon catalog.

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