Sales Maintenance & Growth

Goat Consulting is here to maintain your companies health for selling on the Amazon platform as well as grow sales. Outsource your Amazon account management to Goat Consulting. Our members and partners are experienced in managing Amazon seller. Our founders speak at ecommerce conferences and events around the world. Our full suite management services include 

  • Weekly Meetings or Conference Calls. During our weekly conference calls or meetings with your team and leadership, we will discuss the week's sales numbers, brand strategy and other pertinent information. 

  • Weekly Sales Reports. Receive a thorough weekly sales reports detailing sales, inventory levels, advertising campaign spending and ROI and customer product reviews and feedback.

  • Advertising and Marketing Campaign Management. Our keyword driven metric based advertising campaign process builds highly efficient campaigns that truly stretch any advertising or marketing budget. 

  • Product Re-positioning.'s markets are always changing. Goat Consulting constantly keeps an eye on your products to ensure they're positioned correctly and always winning against your competition. 

Let Goat Consulting Steer Your Sales Account to Success & Growth