Amazon Selling Account Optimization

Your Company is Looking to Join as a Vendor or Seller.

We're here to educate your business about the Amazon marketplace. Uploading your companies catalog and negotiating pricing and logistics with Amazon can be a pain. It's important that your company strategically sets your product price points for success, whether you're selling on or selling to Another crucial point is making sure that your company's supply chain is ready to receive PO's correctly and ship to efficiently. Finally your sales channel's success is dependent on your company's ability to have correct inventory levels in Amazon warehouses and fulfillment centers at the right time. Failure to fulfill orders damage your company's relationship with Amazon and cripple your sales.

We also carry out seamless catalog and SKU uploads to Let Goat Consulting create carefully crafted custom copy, texts and titles for your products. We also select keywords for your skus that strategically position your product in the highly competitive market of  Our listing are designed to leverage Amazon's market algorithm for success.'s retail categories each have different regulations, requirements and procedures that change almost daily. We track these developments to ensure that we get your SKUs uploaded and live on as soon as possible, so that you can start seeing sales.

Your Company is Already Selling on and You Want to Sell More.

We're here to optimize your listings for success. is the fastest growing retail market in the world. Take advantage of Amazon's meteoric rise and scale your company's growth with Amazon.  Every seller account has room for improvement. The difference between 20k a month in sales and 100k may be just a few words or keyword targets in your product listings. Goat Consulting's members and partners have extensive experience in the Amazon's markets. We know how to position your products and get them in front of new customers who are ready to buy.