Brand Protection & Development

Goat Consulting is here to defend your brand. If you're not selling your product on Amazon, some one else is. has grown so quickly partially because the barrier to entry for individuals wanting to sell products is so low. Due to this arbitrage, resale and counterfeit can be troublesome to brands and sellers in the Amazon Marketplace. Individuals can destroy your brand on Amazon by selling mis-priced, mis-packaged or even counterfeit versions of your products. 

Take back control of your brand, products and image. Capture all of the sales that your company is missing. There are methods to defend your brand from these re sellers and piggy backers. Goat Consulting is here to defend your brand. We keep a close eye on your Amazon markets to flag counterfeit products, merge duplicate listings, manage customer reviews and make sure your products are competing at the correct price point. 

Along with defending your brand we're here to help you develop and grow as a company. Using feedback and reviews from thousands of customers in one of the largest retail markets in the world, we give your company insights into product improvements and new product ideas. These are entirely based directly on your customers needs and feedback. Also drawing on our experience in sourcing and international business we can help strategize ways of getting these new variations and products sourced. 

Let Goat Consulting Protect and Develop Your Brand