Goat Consulting Case Study: ROAR Beverage


ROAR Beverages

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Amazon Business Model: Vendor Express

In 2012, ROAR beverages was born to provide everyone an opportunity to quench their thirst for individuality, to have no fear of standing out. Their goal is to create a healthier, better tasting sports drink alternative for the next generation consumer who consciously seek out brands who equip them with a  sense of belonging, and to understand all that matters to them.

ROAR separates themselves from other energy drinks by being composed of a powerful base of coconut water and b-vitamins, while completely eliminating  artificial flavors, preservatives, gluten, caffeine, high fructose corn syrup, and brominated vegetable oil.

ROAR has several different brands that target different demographics: ROAR, ROAR Kids, ROAR Organic. Each brand is discussed further at the end of the case study.

Statement of Initial Situation

ROAR Beverage reached out to Goat Consulting after having difficulty building their brands through Vendor Express. ROAR’s content had plenty of aspects which could be improved to optimize customer purchase conversion and organic ranking. ROAR also needed efficient advertising and marketing campaigns to create profitable return and growth for the company. ROAR had great brand exposure, but products were often unavailable to customers because Amazon’s purchase orders often left ROAR products out of stock. ROAR often received chargebacks and had inventory issues when product orders were sent into Amazon’s fulfillment centers. ROAR partnered with Goat Consulting for ongoing channel development and account management. 

Goat Consulting's Remedy

  • Content Development ( product detail page, brand gating, brand page, amazon storefront, A+ content and catalog architecture)

  • Amazon PO fulfillment methods and practices 

  • AMS “Amazon Marketing Services” creation and management 

  • Ongoing strategic management and reporting 

Explanation of Work

Product Detail Page Optmization(title, bullet point, description, images, catalog architecture)

We started with our national retail market survey to gather data on how customers shop for ROAR’s brands and products online. From the survey, we created a comprehensive keyword bank to use for our content and advertising campaigns. With this new information we set to work rewriting Roar’s content. Goat Consulting created titles, bullet points and product descriptions that efficiently communicates product value to customers to improve conversion. The new content is designed to be easily read by Amazon’s algorithm to improve indexing and organic ranking of targeted keywords.

Goat Consulting worked with ROAR to incorporate new images and media assets into their product listings to improve the customer purchase experience.  

Previous to ROAR Beverages bringing on Goat Consulting, ROAR’s catalog was merchandised their entire catalog as child listings. Goat Consulting restructured ROAR’s listings into parent/child flavor variations to improve organic ranking and ROARs ability to cross merchandise its’ products. This allows customers to easily decide which flavor they want to purchase, and see the available options. Including like-products in parent/child listings aggregates sales, impressions, and reviews to one product listing. This increased search result ranking for the product listing.

See optimized product detail pages below:

Collection of other ROAR product listings optimized by Goat Consulting

Brand Page

Once all brands were gated on Amazon.com, we had full control over customer facing content. Brand pages were created for ROAR, ROAR Organic and ROAR Kids. Each brand page tells the unique story and value proposition of each brand.

See ROAR brand page below

A+ Content

After the brand page was complete Goat Consulting created A+ content for all of ROAR’s product listings, specific for each brand. This content’s purpose is to further educate consumers about the brand and product details that are unable to fit in the product listing title, bullet points, and product description. 

See ROAR’s A+ content below:

Amazon Store

Goat Consulting created Amazon Stores for both the ROAR Organic and ROAR Kids brand. Each store has a unique URL that ROAR can use for advertising outside of Amazon in order to drive traffic from social media and advertising environments.

See ROAR Kids storefront below

Roar Store.JPG

Amazon Product Order Fulfillment Methods and Procedures

Goat Consulting worked with ROAR Beverage internal employees to improve their product fulfillment methods to minimize chargebacks from Amazon and maximize efficiency in sending POs on time.

Goat Consulting also opened cases and communicated with Amazon to improve the average levels which ROAR inventory is stocked in Amazon's fulfillment centers. With more balanced purchased orders across all active SKUs, ROAR was able to offer a wider array of products to Amazon's customers.

Amazon Marketing Services

After all customer facing content (product detail page, brand page, A + product detail page and store) was optimized to share ROAR's brand message and product value. Goat Consulting moved its focus to advertising through Amazon Marketing Services.  

Goat Consulting used data from the national surveys and previously ran ad campaigns to create cost effective sponsored product campaigns that provide consistent traffic and profit to ROAR products. Goat Consulting continually works with ROAR to make sure its’ marketing budget is spent as efficiently as possible for maximum return. Each brand targets different groups of consumers, so each brand’s advertising campaigns are uniquely positioned to a certain customer demographic. Sponsored product marketing includes automatic, manual (phrase and broad match) campaigns.

Goat Consulting utilizes product display ads and headline search ads for certain products in ROAR Beverages catalog.

ROAR Organic Headline Search Ad 

ROAR Organic Headline Search Ad 

Ongoing Strategic Management and Reporting

As Amazon develops as a channel for ROAR, Goat Consulting continues to manage the channel for continued growth.

Goat Consulting ongoing management activities include:

  • Adding new products and variations to Amazon as ROAR Beverages expands their product offerings

  • Updating product specs and information as products change or are altered

  • Acting as a liaison and champion for ROAR Beverages by troubleshooting technical issue through cases and ongoing communication with Amazon.com support teams

  • Reporting channel performance

  • Integrating ROAR into the latest Amazon programs and services

  • Management of all Amazon Marketing Services (Sponsored Product Campaigns, Headline Search Ads, Product Display Ads)

  • Consulting on general channel strategy


Optimized content on product detail pages, brand pages, A+ content, and Amazon Store improved customer conversion. More balanced purchase orders keep ROAR Beverage's products in stock. Amazon Marketing Services spend converted interested customers into purchases on the Amazon marketplace. Goat Consulting's continued efforts have led to substantial sales growth in it's ongoing management of the Amazon channel.



Client Brands

ROAR has several brands under their umbrella that helps attain their goal to create a healthier, better tasting sports drink alternative for the next generation consumer who consciously seek out brands who equip them with a  sense of belonging, and to understand all that matters to them. Below is more information on each of their brand.


Roar Brand.JPG

We've formulated the ultimate hydrating sports drink from all natural ingredients. ROAR contains no caffeine and has a low sugar formula that provides long lasting hydration and energy without the jitters. It keeps your body hydrated and primed with electrolytes and B-vitamins for peak refreshment and performance. Get the benefits of all natural ingredients with flavors that you'll love. The carefully crafted assortment of great flavors and tastes make staying hydrated a treat. We've cut out the preservatives and other artificial flavors to give you a delicious drink at only 50 calories a bottle. ROAR beverages are proudly manufactured and distributed in the United States of America. ROAR represents a new breed of electrolyte infused hydration beverages with unique flavor combinations that set us apart from the rest. With a powerful base of coconut water and b-vitamins, loud "in your face" packaging, the expressive aspects of an energy drink, yet the functionality of a healthier sports beverage, ROAR is a bold, healthy, alternative to the sugary, artificial, traditional isotonic beverages available today. ROAR is scientifically formulated for fast assimilation and long lasting energy, featuring an advanced hydration system to help replenish both body and mind with less sugar, NO artificial flavors, NO preservatives, NO gluten, NO caffeine, NO high fructose corn syrup, NO brominated vegetable oil.

Roar Organic

Roar organic.JPG

Get back to the basics with ROAR Organic. We've created a pure sports drink that uses entirely organic and natural ingredients to provide the latest in hydration and refreshment. Put good in and get great out. ROAR Organic contains NO artificial flavors, NO preservatives, NO high fructose corn syrup, NO gluten and No brominated vegetable oil. We've created a pure and natural beverage that keeps you hydrated with a great taste. ROAR Organic's low calorie formula provides a great flavor without added calories or sweeteners. The beverage is sweetened with organic erythritol, stevia and evaporated cane sugar for delicious guilt-free flavor at 10 calories per serving. We've created an assortment of delicious organic flavors that pack the taste of fresh fruit right into the bottle. Get long lasting organic refreshment, hydration and energy, without the sugar, caffeine and preservatives of alternative sports drinks and beverages.


Roar kids.JPG

Power up with ROAR Kids all natural sports drink. ROAR Kids provides the hydration and refreshment kids need, with all natural ingredients and flavors that they'll love. ROAR Kids contains NO preservatives, NO high-fructose corn syrup and NO artificial flavors & coloring. The low sugar all natural sports drink serves as a great alternative to the many unhealthy high sugar children's beverages that are available on the market today. The all natural sports drink contains no caffeine and has low sugar. This gives children the sustained refreshment and hydration that they need without the jumpy and jittery energy gained from sugar and caffeine. Kids love our delicious flavors that are inspired by marvel's greatest super heroes. Help your kids power up with the all natural, fruit taste of ROAR Kids.

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