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Amazon Business Model: Seller Central FBA 

Swannies is a lifestyle apparel golf brand for the millennial generation. They invite golfers to have more fun, and be more comfortable on the course. The product line consists of Golf Sandals, Hats, and Polos where it is sold at golf clubs around the country and direct to consumer through their own website - Swannies shares their brands story on their website, through hilarious Youtube Videos, and hosting golfing events like the Swannies Scramble. Swannies realized they could reach a wider audience by selling on, so they reached out to Goat Consulting to help them onboard to the platform. Amazon contacted Swannies to market their products through new beta programs such as a QVC-like video broadcast. Partnering with Goat Consulting, Swannies was able to supplement their pre-existing business processes and brand to expand their customer reach to the marketplace.

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Statement of Initial Situation

Swannies Apparel had great success in eCommerce channels outside of Amazon. They recognized that entering the Amazon marketplace was the next step in the business's growth. While the Swannies team had experience operating eCommerce channels, they wanted to ensure that their Amazon account was managed correctly for efficient growth. Swannies Apparel needed guidance in general Amazon marketplace strategy. They also needed their catalog to be managed efficiently and keyword dense product listing content to be created. Swannies also needed help drafting and managing Amazon Marketing Services to make their products easy to find and purchase in the Amazon marketplace. The brand also had been invited to participate in some apparel beta programs. Swannies Apparel wanted to be sure they were fully utilizing all of the tools available to encourage growth of their brand on Amazon. 

Goat Consulting Remedy 

  • Goat Consulting took the existing catalog from Swannies and merchandised them correctly on so customers could easily navigate sizes and types.

  • Goat Consulting optimized the catalog's content so that it clearly communicates product value and works well with Amazon's algorithm for improved organic ranking.

  • Goat Consulting set up Amazon Marketplace Services running Sponsored Products at a SKU level to help Swannies management make item level decisions to assess popular product lines.

  • Goat Consulting acts as a liaison between Swannies management and Amazon representative.

Explanation of Work 

Product Detail Page Optmization(title, bullet point, description, images, catalog architecture)

Goat Consulting created titles, bullet points and product descriptions that efficiently communicates product value to customers to improve conversion. The new content is designed to be easily read by Amazon’s algorithm to improve indexing and organic ranking of targeted keywords.

Goat Consulting worked with Swannies to incorporate new images and media assets into their product listings to improve the customer purchase experience.  

Previous to Swannies bringing on Goat Consulting, Swannies’ catalog merchandised their entire catalog into child listings. Goat Consulting restructured Swannies' listings into parent/child flavor variations to improve organic ranking, Swannies' ability to cross merchandise its’ products and allow customer to browse between different sizes and styles. Including like-products in parent/child listings aggregates sales, impressions, and reviews to one product listing. This increased search result ranking for the product listing.

A+ Content

Goat Consulting created A+ content for all of Swannies’ product listings. This content’s purpose is to further educate consumers about the brand and product details that are unable to fit in the product listing title, bullet points, and product description. 

See Swannies' A+ content below:


 Amazon Marketing Services

After all customer facing content (product detail page and A + content) was optimized to share Swannies' brand message and product value. Goat Consulting moved its focus to advertising through Amazon Marketing Services.  

Goat Consulting used keyword data from marketplace research to create cost effective sponsored product campaigns that provide consistent traffic and profit to Swannies Apparel products. Goat Consulting continually works with Swannies to make sure its’ marketing budget is spent as efficiently as possible for maximum return. Both headline search and sponsored product campaigns are utilized. Sponsored product marketing includes automatic, manual (phrase and broad match) campaigns.


Ongoing Strategic Management and Reporting

As Amazon develops as a channel for Swannies, Goat Consulting continues to manage the channel for continued growth.

Goat Consulting ongoing management activities include:

  • Adding new products and variations to Amazon as Swannies expands their product offerings

  • Updating product specs and information as products change or are altered

  • Acting as a liaison for Swannies Apperal and & helping Swannies to efficiently utilize Amazon Beta programs 

  • Reporting channel performance

  • Management of all Marketing and Advertising (Sponsored Product Campaigns, Headline Search Ads)

  • Consulting on general channel strategy

More About The Brand

Goat Consulting is working with Swannies to help them grow their brand on Amazon. Swannies traditional sales channels were through brick and mortar golf pro shops and through their own ecommerce website, they saw the advantage of using fulfillment by Amazon to automate the day to day fulfillment of product orders and increase brand awareness for the lifestyle brand that could not be attained through their current marketing strategy. 

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