Amazon Consulting in Minneapolis Minnesota

Amazon Consulting in Minneapolis Minnesota

Goat Consulting is an Amazon Consulting firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that helps brands and manufacturers sell products on Seller Central and Vendor Central. We are proud to be a full service Amazon Consulting and Marketing firm offering business services so clients can attain their selling goals. With the nature of Amazon allowing businesses to reach customers across the United States and Internationally, we work with businesses across the globe, but we wanted to spotlight our home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota and encourage any local brand or manufacture that wants to work with a fellow “Minnesota Nice” company to reach out or stop by our office to discuss your Amazon Marketing and Advertising Strategy. The following is an advertisement by Amazon for Amazon Seller spotlighting small businesses - if this resonates at all with you, we want to talk.

Live, Work, Play in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Goat Consulting team lives, works, and plays in Minneapolis. We are all in house employees at Goat Consulting with a local team that executes all of our services and operations. Our offices are located just outside of downtown Minneapolis on 2400 N 2nd St Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411 at the Northwind Lofts building. It’s here where we provide account management, keyword research, product listing copy writing, amazon advertising, and managerial reporting.

Calling All Minneapolis Small Businesses Wanting to Sell on Amazon

If you are a Minnesota small business and have an interest selling on Amazon. We encourage you to reach out so we can help you get set up with the best strategy for selling on Amazon, and outline steps to getting your products available for sale on the world’s largest online marketplace, and put you in a position to reach those customers though advertising.